MÜLLERS BÜRO | A planing office for architecture and design

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Our competence in architecture covers new buildings, renovations and the conversion of buildings for personal, social or commercial use. All stages of classical architecture are included in our service, such as basic evaluation, draft creation or building instructions and the final hand-over of keys. The size and structure of our office allows us to easily handle large projects and provide a full design team package for our clients.

As capable designers, we specialize in product design, furniture and architectural design. We develop solutions, starting with the clarification of the task itself to its first draft, detailed plans for the technical implementation or its readiness for start of production.

In both planning sectors we make use of modelling and computer animation. Our range of service also includes these models or computer animations if needed for presentation.

If you are looking for our office you will find us in the southern Rhineland-Palatinate, in the middle of a scenic landscape near the French border between the Rhine and the “German Wine Route”.